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Gift Cards

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Gift Cards
Choice paralysis is real — especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift.

Celebrate those in your life who treasure the coastal lifestyle with the gift of Home to Harbour! What are the benefits of our electronic gift cards?

A quick and easy gift-giving solution

Whether you need a last-minute hostess gift or a wedding present the newlyweds will actually use, our gift cards are a great way to share the coastal lifestyle with friends and family. 

No hidden fees for you — or the recipient

You'll love not paying any delivery or handling fees. The recipient will love not encountering any hidden costs to use the card.

Use it anytime, on any item

We hate expiration dates, blackout dates, and product restrictions, too. That's why our e-gift cards never expire, and their value can be applied anytime to any item on our site. (And they'll get access to our free interior decor services.)

Eco-friendly gifts are the best gifts

An e-gift card is kind to the environment. You'll feel good knowing there's one less piece of plastic roaming the planet.

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