Corporate Gifting

In a sea of fruit baskets, yellow carnations, and branded thermoses, make sure your gifts make a meaningful connection.

When it's time to recognize the people who work day in, day out to make your business a success, turn to Home to Harbour for hand-selected gifts that evoke the beauty and comfort of hazy days at the shore.

Home to Harbour's team is ready to work with you to match your gift-giving needs with remarkable pieces from our collections. You'll love knowing that you're giving
gifts that have been selected for their:

● quality, artisanal craftsmanship
● distinctive beauty
● sustainability and kindness to the planet
● and ability to evoke calm, comfort, and relaxation for years to come

Don't spend another lunch hour in line at a boutique for a gift that stands apart. Save your time — and shed a whole lot of stress — with Home to Harbour. Reach out to us today at to learn more.