Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Prep Your Coastal Home for Summer Fun

Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Prep Your Coastal Home for Summer Fun

Make sure you and your coastal home are ready for hosting loved ones all summer long with this handy guide to spring cleaning.

Trees are starting to bloom. Breezes are getting warmer. And best of all, days are getting longer.

All signs point to spring finally making its way to the northeast. It should be a time to celebrate!

Then why are you in such a panic?

Oh right — spring cleaning! That lengthy to-do list you need to take care of before summer can officially begin. (And before guests start flocking to your coastal home for relaxed, sun-drenched days at sea.)

Worry not: With the right strategy — and this handy checklist — you'll be ready to play host to friends and family when it's time to fire up the grill for Memorial Day.

Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

1. A clean house starts with a clean kitchen.

There's a reason people say the kitchen is the heart of the home. From brewing morning coffee to preparing the nutritious meals you need to keep your family fueled for a day at the coast … your kitchen is a hub of important activity.

That makes it the perfect place to begin your spring cleaning.

  • Give your appliances a deep clean. Oven, stovetop, microwave, fridge — leave no stone unturned in your quest to clean!
  • Speaking of coffee … Be sure your morning brew has notes of chocolate and caramel — not hard water and calcium buildup. Mix a simple solution of vinegar and water to get that magical machine working (and looking) its best.
  • Clean and deodorize your sink drain. (Trust us, you never know what surprises you might find in there.)
  • Wash the inside of your trash bin. Or, if it's several years old and seen better days, consider replacing it with a durable, eco-friendly bin.
  • Clear out and organize your cabinets and pantry. What needs to be chucked? What needs to be upgraded? It's time to ask yourself these difficult questions — before you have a houseful of guests!

Upgrade your essentials

Speaking of upgrades, how about replacing well-worn serveware pieces with fresh pieces that enhance your coastal style?

Bring natural beauty to your table with gorgeous appetizer plates and tray sets from JK Adams, which crafts every piece from sustainably grown and harvested maple hardwood. 

And if you spend a large part of your summer bringing drinks and small plates from the kitchen to the patio, you'll love doing that in style with trays from FishAye. Reclaimed driftwood frames an easy-to-clean melamine surface featuring one of FishAye's beloved marine life designs.

For those looking to add deep maritime blue to their table, explore Guzzini's range of versatile flatware and shatterproof bowls in shades of Mediterranean blue. Then extend that coastal palette to kitchen essentials like nautical dish towels from Vietri and extra-durable glassware from Duralex.

2. Fall in love with your living room all over again.

Part social center, part reclusive sanctuary, your living room needs to be clean, tidy, and comfy to spark feelings of peace and relaxation … not just for you, but for your guests!

Here's how to tackle this important space:

  • Take stock of your upholstered furniture. What needs to be steam cleaned? What needs to be spot-cleaned? And what could just use a quick once-over with the vacuum?
  • Prepare your pillows for a summer of naps. To get your pillows smelling fresh and achieving maximum softness, run all of your pillowcases through the wash using the gentle cycle.
  • Make those floors sparkle. OK, if you have carpeting or large area rugs, they'll definitely need the same care and consideration as your upholstered pieces. But if you're working primarily with hardwood or tile floors, be sure to deep clean with a mop, hand brush, and plenty of eco-friendly cleaner.

Upgrade your essentials

Sometimes all it takes is the perfect throw to add new levels of comfort to your living room. Throw one over the couch for added style and color contrast. (We recommend the Darzzi's Harmony throw — it complements every style.) 

Time for after-dinner cocktails on the patio? A durable throw made of luxurious cotton will ensure you're protected against the chilliest of salty breezes.

3. Get the bathroom basics right.

After a long day at the beach, you want your bathroom to be a calm-inducing spa. The perfect place for washing off every grain of sand and providing your skin with some serious after-sun care.

  • Wash or wipe down your shower curtains. And if you haven't replaced your curtain liner in a few seasons, add that to the list.
  • Vacuum and dust — everywhere. There's nothing worse than encountering a dust bunny at bath time. Grab your smallest vacuum attachment to get rid of the dusk that lurks in your medicine cabinet, drawers, and under the sink.
  • Make ghastly grout gorgeous again. There's a reason fresh tilework can take your breath away. So after wiping down your bathroom's tiles, break out a cheap toothbrush and scrub that grout clean.
  • Take stock of your supply of towels and washcloths. Nobody wants to be that host who only has raggedy guest towels on hand. Don't throw them out, though! Old towels and washcloths are perfect for cleaning outdoor surfaces and boat exteriors.

Upgrade your essentials

To transform your bathroom into a spa and add comfort and luxury to your everyday life, we recommend towels from Home and Loft

Not only are they hand-loomed using sustainably-sourced Turkish cotton, they're absorbent, fast-drying, and incredibly versatile. Use them as a beach towel, casual throw, tablecloth, and more!